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6.25.48 Statement of Renunciation
In the absence of an international government, our world, politically, is now a naked anarchy. Two global wars have shown that as long as two or more powerful sovereign nation-states regard their own national law as supreme and sufficient to handle affairs between nations, there can be no order on a planetary level. This international anarchy is moving swiftly toward a final war. I no longer find it compatible with my inner convictions to contribute to this anarchy, and thus be a party to the inevitable annihilation of our civilization, by remaining solely loyal to one of these sovereign nation-states. I must extend the little sovereignty I possess, as a member of the world community, to the whole community, and to the international vacuum of its government - a vacuum into which the rest of the world must be drawn if it is to survive, for therein lies the only alternative to this final war. I should like to consider myself a citizen of the world. 

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