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   Be it hereby known


   WHEREAS the atmosphere of the earth is a whole upon which the entire human species is dependent for its natural life; and

   WHEREAS its wilful pollution by radioactive elements constitutes a deadly menace to humanity as a whole with possible generic imbalances created so as to alter the future unborn of the species; and

   WHEREAS such wilful pollution of the earth's atmosphere is a direct violation of the fundamental right of life itself for every man, woman and child of the species, and further is a flagrant denial of common morality and reason


   By the authority vested in me as a Sovereign World Citizen, and as the COORDINATOR of WORLD GOVERNMENT, acting in behalf of Sovereign Humanity, I hereby declare the wilful pollution of the earth's atmosphere through the explosion of nuclear devices a


   and hereby authorize the immediate suspension of all testing of such devices by the responsible parties of any nation for any reason whatsoever pending a full disarmament under the authority of WORLD GOVERNMENT.

   FURTHER, should any man or group of men for any reason whatsoever be responsible for the further pollution of the common atmosphere through the release of radio-active elements by means of nuclear devices, he or they will be thenceforth considered enemies of humanity and will answer the charge as such before the bar of world justice as our sovereign government evolves.

   All citizens of the world will support this order both in their separate and group capacities.

          Given under my hand this
          20th day of August, 1957

          GARRY DAVIS
          Coordinator: World Government Hannover Prison 

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