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September 11, 1948

Garry Davis Statement on "Leaving" France For U.N. Territory

PARIS-- It is not my wish or purpose to break any existing national laws. It is my wish and purpose to seek an extension of law and order into the international region, which is now a raw anarchy, so that, through a world government, world citizenship can be legally recognized for all men. Therefore, I am seeking sanctuary in the only place in France which is not French soil, the area temporarily ceded to the United Nations, the Palais de Chaillot. I have no passport, and the only place I can go -- now that the French have refused to extend my visa - is international territory, and the Palais is international territory. The United Nations is in the half-world between a collection of sovereign nations and a real international authority. I want it to take a stand, so that others can have a chance to acquire international citizenship and open the way for a federated world.
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