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Garry Davis & The World Citizen Party

World Citizen Party: April 19, 1986,

Announced candidacy as World Citizen for mayor of Washington, D.C. Received 585 votes.

January 19,1987, From Middlebury College announced candidacy for US presidency on World Citizen Party ticket.

Sept 4, 1988, From City Hall, Ellsworth, Maine, calls for World Government Constitutional Convention.

Nov. 18, 1988, Began world tour to found branches of World Citizen Party.  Continuing Global Action

April 29, 1989, Established World Service Authority "Pacific Rim" office in Tokyo (8th World District). Wrote Emperor Akihito endorsing "Hesei" (peace achievement) reign.

August 5, 1989, At Hiroshima, declared all mundialized cities under sovereign protection of world law represented by the WGWC. Presents honorary World Passports to mayors of Hiroshima, Nakasaki, Nakano and Tokyo. October 27, 1989,
Present honorary World Passport to Dr. Andrei Sakharov at Nobel Laureate Forum in Tokyo.

August, 1990, Jailed by Japanese immigration and deported from Japan. 1991, Wrote 3rd book, Passport To Freedom, A Manual For World Citizens. (Seven Locks Press).

1992, Founded NWO Publications in Burlington, VT. Publishes World Citizen News on bimonthly basis.

July, 1993, Launched World Syntegrity Project, designed by cybernetician Stafford Beer, to evolve systemic world constitution for the World Government of World Citizens.

August, 1993, Founded World Citizen Foundation as umbrella organization for WSP.In April 1, 1993 letter to Attorney-General Janet Reno, rejected 2 statuses: "excludable alien" and "indefinite parolee in the public interest" of US government. Requested Dep't. of Justice stamp on WSA World passport enclosed.

Oct., 1993, Proposed "Infoset" for Jericho, Gaza City, Jerusalem based on Arafat and Rabin accord.

1994, Wrote 4th book, Dear World about Japanese trip, for publication in Spring, 1996.