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My Presidential Platform of World Citizenship & Advocacy for Humanity 

The Garry Davis for World President Campaign 
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The will of the people shall be the basis of the authority of government; this will shall be expressed in periodic and genuine elections which shall be by universal or equivalent free-voting procedures." Article 21(3), Universal Declaration of Human Rights 

Dear World Citizen, 

As a candidate for World President of the World Government of World Citizens, I hereby solicit your World Vote. A World Ballot can be downloaded.  Living in our world community as a fellow human, guaranteed the human right of political choice—see above—you can exercise the inalienable right of 
political franchise now! 
Here are excerpts from statements I have made through the years concerning my reasons for campaigning for this high office. 
My qualifications for the global office are: 
• I have been a declared World Citizen since the age of 26. I am now 77; 
• I am the author of four books on the subject of world citizenship,  
world law, world government and human rights
• I have graduated from the East-West University of Brahmavidya in South India under the direction of Nataraja Guru receiving a master’s degree in geo-dialectics. This is a new science of human relations based on pure dialectics, the wisdom science. 
• I have founded global institutions based on the human right of political choice, the first being the International Registry of World Citizens in Paris in 1949. (750,000 individuals registered during the years 1949-51). The second is the World Government of World Citizens in 1953; the third, the World Service Authority in 1954 (still operating from Washington, DC and Tokyo, Japan) and the fourth, the World Government Institute in 1998 (in formation). 

Following is my campaign platform and the World Presidential Vote Ballot. You may photocopy this ballot. 
Donations may be sent to the account cited on the bottom of this letter. Any donation of $100 or over to $499 will receive my book, “Passport to Freedom, a Manual for World Citizens,” plus a 2 year subscription to the forthcoming quarterly World Government News.Donations of $500 or over will receive the book, the quarterly subscription plus the booklet World Citizenship, World Government. World Peace, Major Statements by Garry Davis, Citizen of the World, comprising a section, “World Law Now,” with The Ellsworth Declaration (original declaration of World Government) and my three briefs to the US Supreme Court and the International Court of Justice—this citing President Reagan and 
Chairman Gorbachev as “war criminals” under Nuremburg Principles—plus a special section on my Letters to National Officials.Donations of $1000 or more will receive an original World Passport (only 33 left out of a printing of 1,000, a historic collector’s item), circa 1956, which I used when first travelling to India to meet with Guru Nataraja who wrote the Memorandum on World Government. As the campaign gathers momentum, I expect others more qualified than I will announce their global candidacy for world office at the service of humanity and all humans. 

I look forward to representing you politically on the world level. Together we can help save the planet and humanity from the scourge of war and ecological devastation as we enter the 3rd millenium. . 

Yours in one world, 

  Garry Davis 
  Merchant Bank 
  Account #3383510 

    My Platform 

    The legal recognition of and protection for the de facto world citizenship enjoyed by every member of the human race by virtue of the physical reality of one world and one humankind. 

    The continuation of the World Syntegrity Project to elaborate a flexible and dynamic constitution for the World Government. 

    The “mundialization” of all villages, towns, cities and states, and a call to governors, municipal councils and mayors throughout the world to officially declare their municipalities, counties and states integral and dynamic parts of the total world community. 

    By state constitutional amendments the registration of all nationals citizens as World Citizens with the World Government, reserving sovereign rights to the people and a call to all national citizens to so register through the World Service Authority. 

    The registration of all newborns with the World Government in accordance with the accepted legal principles of jus soli and jus sanguinis and the issuance of World Birth Certificates to them via the World Service Authority. This will begin human, therefore, world legitimacy at birth where it belongs. 

    The establishment of a World Court of Human Rights for which the statute has already been written under the aegis of the World Law Institute of the World Service Authority. 

    The establishment of a World Peace Corps as an option to national military service in conformity to Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. 

    The establishment of a command unit to be called the Sovereign Order of World Guards, composed of retired generals and admirals, to supervise the World Peace Corps. As the Nuremberg Principles outlawed war and its preparations, fellow humans should no longer kill fellow humans without the charge of criminality. 

    The establishment of a World Bank, whose mission will be to issue a stable world monetary unit based on renewable energy sources that gradually would replace the volatile national currencies. 

    The elimination of the threat of inadvertent nuclear launch by taking off-line all nuclear weapons by December 31, 2004. 

    The further implementation of the economic strategy of democratizing equity ownership of the tools of production through ESOPs (Employee Stock Ownership Plans), GSOPs (General Stock Ownership Plans). and CSOPs (Consumer Stock Ownership Plans). 

    Settlement of Third World debts through establishing a World Park as a life-support system for the tropical rain forests—a common heritage of humanity—offsetting the paper value of such monetary debts. 

    The lawful representation of the oceans, the atmosphere, space, the world’s water supplies, in the interest of humankind and each world citizen by World Government, and a call to the myriad peace movements from every clime and of every inclination to unite under the all-encompassing banner of our common world citizenship. 


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