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January 8, 1986

WORLD CITIZENSHIP PROVIDES ONLY SOLUTION TO TERRORISM World Government Invites Americans in Libya To Become World Citizens

WASHINGTON, D.C.--The World Government of World Citizens invites all Americans residing abroad, and especially in Libya, to add the protection of world citizenship under world law to their present national allegiance.

The global government also extends an invitation to all would-be terrorists to register themselves as world citizens as an effective and non-violent alternative to their present misdirected and destructive methods. For the freedom and well-being they seek can only result from a governed world. The world government's administrative agency, the World Service Authority, will issue them the World Passport along with the official World Citizen Card, attesting to their planetary civic commitment. These documents derive from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, proclaimed by the United nations' General Assembly December 10, 1948 as "a common standard of achievement for all peoples and all nations..."

In a non-violent way, they represent the very freedom the terrorist really seeks.

In the face of current terrorism, World Government status and its identifying documents such as the World Passport offer the only real protection. Politically neutral, the documents make a positive statement that their bearer's primary affiliation is to humanity and the entire world community. The global ID cards attest to that new global allegiance. That in itself may be enough to win freedom from an otherwise life-threatening situation.

Over 100,000 World Passports have been issued worldwide. Over 80 countries have recognized them on a case-by-case basis.

Garry Davis, founder and Coordinator of the World Government of World Citizens said today that "In his press conference of January 7, President Reagan exposed the major problem of homelessness for Palestinians. He claimed that 'They're allowed to live (in other countries)...but they don't have passports.' Homelessness is endemic throughout the world including on Washington streets. It will not be solved by gunboat methods. In dictating by executive fiat to U.S. citizens living and working in Libya, President Reagan is acting as a world policeman but without any world law to back him up. That's tantamount to dictatorship. He leaves the problem of homelessness unsolved. Americans are also world citizens 'at home' wherever they are on the home planet. We invite, therefore, all U.S. citizens abroad to add world citizenship to their national status. The legality of such an exercise of fundamental rights is sanctioned by the 9th amendment to the U.S. Constitution:

The rights enumerated in the Constitution do not deny or disparage other rights retained by the people.

"Nationals of all countries live and work in other countries identified by national passports, ID cards and the like. But to a 'terrorist,' these documents identify the traveler as perfect targets and hostages against particular nations.

"We urge them and all who travel abroad to add a World Citizen Card and World Passport to their official papers."

A United States Marine corporal wrote recently to the World Service Authority:

Please send me information concerning application for the World Passport. I am a U.S. armed service member currently serving overseas. And travel frequently through 'disturbed' areas. When traveling through areas of terrorist activity, I am able to disassociate myself from any military status. However, my U.S. passport identifies myself as a prime target....Please forward information.
Name withheld for security reasons)

As Reagan called himself a "citizen of the world" in his address to the United Nations Disarmament Conference of 1982, he cannot deny that status to his fellow Americans.

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