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February 1, 1995 World Government Is On the Internet!

"The World Citizen Web," a Mosaic 'page,' joined the Internet's World Wide Web January 17th via the TogetherNet server in Burlington, VT. Designed by Emre Brookes, Coordinator of the World Government's World Communication Commission, the "site" may be accessed from the Yahoo server, Netscape or via Togethernet's server.

The address is: HTTP://www.together.org/orgs/wcw/

The WCW contains articles on world citizenship, world law, world government, how to register and obtain a World Citizen Card, a World Passport, a World Birth Certificate, a World Political Asylum Card, and a World Marriage License. The various application forms on line can be printed out, filled in and mailed either to the World Service Authority offices in Washington, D.C. or WSA's Tokyo, Japan office. (Since signatures are required on the forms, they cannot be emailed to WSA directly from the web).

World Coordinator Garry Davis' article, World Citizenship & the Internet is reprinted along with a complete index ofWorld Citizen News articles dating from 1975 plus information on the World Syntegration Project and the strategy of Mundialization.

Founder Davis' books, My Country Is The World and Passport To Freedom plus his two videos, Passport To Freedom and A World Citizen In Rio are are displayed.

Finally, a catalogue of products available from the World Service Authority are listed for easy purchase: World Flags, World Kilowatt Dollars, World Stamps, and basic world government documents such as the Ellsworth Declaration, Davis' declaration of World Government, Guru Nataraja's Memorandum on World Government , the 1979 Position Paper, outlining the difference between the United Nations and World Government, etc.

The WCW site, "under construction," will be continually updated. The Collated Statements from the 11 Infosets will be included on February 17 as well as Davis' Writ of Certiorari to the US Supreme Court and Petition for Rehearing outlining the legal case for world citizenship. Completing this section will be Davis' petition to the International Court of Justice citing former Presidents Ronald Reagan and Gorbachev as war criminals under the Nuremberg Principles. The full text of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights will also be available in a special section on human rights.

News releases will be added from time to time as current events dictate.

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