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February 15, 1984


WASHINGTON, D.C.-Garry Davis, who became a citizen of the world following the second world war, has announced his intention to seek the office of World President. Undeterred by the fact that no such office presently exists, Davis insists that his election to the post will afford him credibility and rekindle interest in the idea of world government especially among nuclear freeze advocates.

Davis, who see a democratic world government as the only viable alternative to the course of self-destruction that is being pursued by the nuclear powers, considers himself neither liberal nor conservative.

"I am a pragmatist," says Davis. "I recognize the need for world elections, a world parliament, world police force, a world executive, a stable economy, and all the other bureaucracies that are part of government. But I also recognize that a uni-government system would alleviate the threat of annihilation and relieve the starving and oppression that runs rampart in our world. My running for world office is meant to focus public attention on the pressing need for law an order on the planetary level."

Davis, a former Broadway actor and World War II bomber pilot, gave up his United States citizenship following the death of his brother at Salerno, and disillusionment with the interaction of the nation states of the world. At the same time he declared himself a citizen of the world.

At one time, both his stateless plight and global crusade were the focus of attention for many twentieth century intellectuals such as Albert Einstein, Albert Camus, Richard Wright and Albert Schweitzer. More recently, Davis has garnered the support of concerned artists Yehudi Menuhin and Leonard Bernstein as well a Isaac Asimov and Buckminster Fuller to name just a few.

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