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Founded in 1954 to implement sovereign human rights



February 24, 1990


To Promote World Citizen Party And "Mundialization" For East Europeans


WASHINGTON, D.C.--Travelling with a World Service Authority passport with visas for Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria and Romania, Garry Davis, who founded the world citizenship movement in Europe in 1948 after renouncing his United States nationality in Paris, returns to Europe, this time to its eastern sector to promote the cause of world order through a system of constitutional law.

He departs from New York via KLM flight 642, Wednesday, February 28, arriving at East Berlin's Schoenefeld Airport 1:40 p.m. He will be accompanied by Ms. Robin Lloyd, New England representative for the Mobilization For Survival, a U.S.-based peace organization, and editor of Toward Freedom,

"Momentous world events require global thinking and acting," Davis said at his Washington, D.C. headquarters today. "Since 1948 when the UN General Assembly proclaimed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as a common standard of achievement for all nations and peoples, we who claim world citizenship as one of those inalienable rights have been struggling to protect them with global legal sanction. Now that millions of our fellow citizens in Eastern Europe have broken from despotic regimes and are claiming their human rights and freedoms, I feel the time is ripe for a resurgence of the cause of world order where in fact all our major problems must be resolved."

Mr. Davis and Ms. Lloyd hope to confer with leaders of the rapidly evolving political parties

in Eastern European countries, in particular the Greens whose ecological philosophy more closely resembles the world citizen party's platform on which Davis ran for mayor of Washington in 1986 and U.S. president in 1988. He will also promote the strategy of "mondialization" which began with the town of Cahors in France in June, 1949. Over 900 communities have since adopted the Charter of Mondialization including the States of Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois and over 300 cities in Japan.

Mr. Davis's WSA World Passport will include two human rights innovations: an International Exit Visa and an International Residence Permit, both mandated by Article 13, UDHR.

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