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News Release

MARCH 15, 1980


WASHINGTON, DC - The China Trading Company, Hong Kong, has been authorized to accept and process applications for the World Passport issued by the World Service Authority (WSA), a Washington, DC based organization founded to implement human rights.

WSA's World Passport is a 42-page document, individually numbered and covered in dark blue cloth. It provides identity information on the bearer, including picture (riveted), and is printed on special security paper. The text is given in seven languages: English, Spanish, French, Russian, Arabic, German, and Esperanto.

Another feature is a 5-page section for a medical history, insurance coverage and national passport number (in the event of loss or theft), and a 6-page section for listing affiliate identifications: diplomatic, organization and/or firm, and occupational records. The validity period of the passport is three years with a two-year extension. The fee is $36 (HK $180) plus postage.

The China Trading Company is also accepting applications for World ID Cards and World Birth Certificates. Thus far, the World Service Authority has issued more than 200,000 passports and other identification documents to holders in more than 150 countries. To many, the passport has become an important secondary document in traveling abroad.

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