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March 19, 1992 World Citizen Garry Davis to Meet Bay Area Public at Oakland Restaurant April 5

WASHINGTON--Bay area citizens can meet and talk with the World Citizen, Garry Davis, (70) founder of the World Government of World Citizens, on Sunday, April 5 at the Checkers Restaurant in the Park Plaza Hotel, 160 Hegenberger Rd., Oakland (near Oakland Coliseum and Oakland Airport) from 3 to 7 p.m. The press is welcome.

His latest book, Passport To Freedom, a Guide for World Citizens, will be available and signed by the author. Also available will be a 24-minute video documentary, Passport To Freedom, directed by Robin Lloyd and produced by Green Valley Films, centered around Davis' 1990 trip to Eastern and the Berlin Wall including newsreel footage from 1948 and an interview with ex-CIA agent Philip Agee.

For more than 40 years, Davis has traveled the globe armed only with a passport that identifies himself a citizen of the world. Though he has been detained at countless borders and jailed nearly three-dozen times, his example is now followed by hundreds of thousands of people-many refugees and stateless-traveling with world passports issued by the World Service Authority, the global "city hall" he founded in 1954 as the administrative agency of the world citizen government he also founded in 1953.

Davis ran for mayor of Washington, D.C. on a world citizen ticket in 1986 and two years later signed up as a candidate for U.S. president.

"The president of the United States can make war," he claimed, "but only a world president can make peace. Just as the Founding Fathers created a new government to make peace between the states, so today in our global village we must create a world government to make peace among all peoples living on planet Earth."

The World Passport is a 40-page document in 7 languages with a complete medical history in the inside back cover. It has been recognized on a case-by-case basis by over 120 countries The World Service Authority also issues a World Identity Card, a World Birth Certificate, a World Marriage Certificate, a World Political Asylum Card and a World Press Card (for members of the World Media Association).

Davis will respond to questions no current presidential candidate dares address: How to make world peace; Who really owns the world; Why world citizenship is the only peace citizenship; Are nation-states obsolete; Is humanity legal; and many others.

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