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6 p.m. April 1, 1985

WORLD CITIZEN GARRY DAVIS CLAIMS GLOBAL POLITICAL ASYLUM (AGAIN) ON UNITED NATIONS TERRITORY Awaits Response From International Court of Justice To Petition Accusing Reagan an Gorbachev as War Criminals

United Nations, April 2-At approximately 9 a.m. this morning, after thirty-seven years of relative tranquillity, the United Nations had a return engagement of World Citizen Garry Davis, this time as a petitioner to the International Court of Justice where, on March 15, he accused Presidents Reagan and Gorbachev as "war criminals" according to the international law of the Nuremberg Principles.

Davis, who was never legally admitted into the United States since his arrival on May 13, 1977 identified only by his World Passport, claimed "global political asylum" on the international territory of the U.N. as he did in Paris in 1948. This time, however, he was not only equipped with a World Passport, but also a World Citizen Registration Card, a World Birth Certificate, a World Identity Card and the latest addition to his global bureaucratic arsenal, a Global Political Asylum Card, all issued from the Washington, D.C. office of the World Service Authority, the global "city hall" he founded in 1953 to administer the World Government of World Citizens which counts over 250,00 registrants.

"Both Presidents Reagan and Gorbachev are pointing both a nuclear as well as conventional gun at me," the former World War II bomber pilot said today. "That is an international felony according to the Nuremberg Principles. No one, since the International Court of Justice was founded, has ever attempted to accuse national leaders who prepare for war or even fight wars, of war crimes. And yet war itself is the major problem facing the human race.

"We cannot wait until they pull the trigger before accusing them of war crimes. There just won't be anyone around. Nuclear means total. A so-called nuclear war is simply holocaust. That's not only genocide, that's omnicide.

"I have petitioned the World Court to address the problem of war itself, not merely the reduction of nuclear weapons between equally sovereign states. Either the World Court is merely a smoke screen hiding the nationalistic war game or it can condemn the illegality of war itself. What is the purpose of international law if it can't cope legally with the security of humanity?"

In a letter to Secretary-General Javier Perez de Cuellar, Davis cited his two reasons for claiming asylum on U.N. grounds. (See letter attached.)

If the United Nation rejects his claim to "global political asylum" and forces him off its "territory,"-in Paris, 1948, the U.N. Secretariat asked the French Ministry of Interior to remove the World Citizen-the INS must give its prior consent that Davis be "imported" into the United States. But this would reverse its 7-year contention that he was an "excludable alien."

Also, in that case, Davis could claim that the INS tacitly recognized his claim of "global political asylum" which precedent would have serious implications for all aliens residing now illegally in the United States.

Mr. Davis announced his candidacy for World President in September 1984.

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