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April 16, 1986

HAITIAN HUMAN RIGHTS GROUP SEEKS HELP FROM WORLD CITIZEN GARRY DAVIS - Davis Flying To Port-au-Prince Today to Confer With Haitian World Citizens And Leading Politicians

Washington, D.C.-Is Haiti ready to "go global?" Have Haitians had it with nationalism a la Duvalier? Is the poorest nation in the world going to be the first to "mondialize?"

World Citizen Garry Davis is about to find out.

In a letter dated February 15, 1986, registered citizen of the World Government of World Citizens, Etelleau Jean Maurice of Haiti, a legal counsel, asked for Garry Davis' support and help "so that the Haitian people know and enjoy in the future all the inalienable rights of all human beings." Maurice's new association, Regional Coordination for Human Rights, has invited Davis "to popularize the cause of human rights in Haiti." :The planet Earth being our country," his letter concludes, "Haiti rejoices to affiliate with the World Citizen Government."

Davis also will meet with Gerard Gourgue, former Minister of Justice junta member and human rights activist who resigned recently in protest over the policies of General Namphy, head of the junta.

In a letter of March 29, 1986 to Mr. Gourgue, Davis said that "Your recent history has exposed the total impotence of the nation-state structure to protect its citizens from monstrous abuse by a governing elite. Having lived for years under a repressive regime, you (and your fellow citizens) are supremely well-placed to comprehend the abuses and violations of human rights perpetrated by those in control of today's antiquated political system....Despite your present problems-and they are immediate and pressing-your long-term and maybe not so long-term solution is to recognize immediately your dynamic social and political relationship with the entire world community as such....In short, it is the historic moment for Haiti to go 'global'."

He will also confer with other presidential candidates such as Hugo Noel, President of the Institut de Technologie Electronique d'Haiti, to enlist their support or world citizenship and the World Government.

Haiti is a classic example of a people abused by its own national power elite for 29 years with the abject collusion of every other nation," Davis stated before his departure. "In regaining their rightful sovereignty, the people can and must now choose a global as well as Haitian allegiance. In fact, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights mandates this very choice This is the only way to protect their lives, their freedoms and ensure their well-being. In other words, they have nothing more to lose in going global, that is, by declaring Haiti a world state and all Haitians also world citizens. Their new constitution must reflect this dynamic relationship. Already people in thousands of towns, cities and even states throughout the world have recognized their inalienable right to exercise a global status along with the local and national."

Davis travels with a World Passport issued by the world Service Authority, the administrative organ of the World Government and visaed by the Haitian Embassy in Washington The document, base on an article in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, has been issued to over 250,000 individuals and been recognized by over 100 nations.

The World Citizen declared his candidacy for world president in September, 1985. "My world ticket is world peace through just law," his opening statement read. "All registered world citizens are eligible to vote immediately for a candidate of their choice," said Davis," the only problem being that for the present I am the only declared candidate for world office. Maybe in Haiti, we can find other candidates for world office under the aegis of the World Citizen Party. With the nationalistic arms race heating up and nuclear destruction only fifteen minutes away, we, the citizens of the world, must immediately enfranchise our will for peace, freedom and mutual abundance through global and sovereign institutions."

The 64-year-old former U.S. bomber pilot flies to Port-au-Prince today on PanAm flight no. 433 arriving at 7:25 p.m.

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