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April 16, 1992 World Citizen Garry Davis to Speak Saturday

Champlain Valley folks can meet and talk with the World Citizen, Garry Davis, (70) founder of the World Government of World Citizens, on Saturday, April 18 at the Peace and Justice Center, 21 Church Street, Burlington, from 1 to 3 p.m.

His latest book, "Passport To Freedom, a Guide for World Citizens", (Seven Locks Press, 1991), will be available and signed by the author. Also available will be a 24-minute video documentary, "Passport To Freedom", directed by Robin Lloyd and produced by Green Valley Films, centered around Davis' 1990 trip to Eastern and the Berlin Wall including newsreel footage from 1948 and an interview with ex-CIA agent Philip Agee.

For more than 40 years, Davis has traveled the globe armed only with a passport that declares him a citizen of the world. Though he has been detained at countless borders and jailed nearly three-dozen times, Davis' example is now followed by tens of thousands of people traveling under passports issued by the World Service Authority.

Davis and his supporters maintain that nationalism and national governments are barriers to achieving world peace and establishing human rights.

Davis will touch upon such issues as:

  • How you can help solve such global problems as war, poverty, ecological degradation by becoming "world citizens";
  • How world citizenship has meant the difference between freedom and death for refugees;
  • Ten ways to cope with those bureaucrats at borders who try to prevent you from passing when confronted with a World Service Authority passport.

Davis, a former WW II B-17 bomber pilot, renounced his U.S. citizenship in 1948 and established the World Government of World Citizens, now headquartered in Washington, DC., dedicated to promoting world government and defending human rights.

Davis has also authored "My Country is the World" (Putnam, 1960); "World Government Ready or Not" (Juniper Ledge, 1985).

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