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May 25, 1984


SAN FRANCISCO-- In a mock hearing May 14 at the Immigration and Naturalization headquarters in Seattle before Judge Jones, Garry Davis, identified only with his World Passport, No.00001, was admitted into the United States despite both the INS' attorney and the hearing judge's claim that he was an "excludable alien" and "subject to deportation." (See News Release of May 11, 1984 enclosed).

"Since US Immigration neither excluded me nor gave me the legal right to enter the United States while claiming I was an excludable alien, yet instead released me after the hearing," Davis said from the World Citizen Center in downtown San Francisco, "my only legal status here is that which I claim myself, that of world citizenship. Since I am not legally in the United States yet have been recognized by Immigration authorities as physically existing and free, I can only conclude that US authorities implicitly recognize that status as legitimate. This is a major breakthrough for all those who claim world citizenship in addition to their national status."

Davis founded and heads the World Government of World Citizens which claims over 200,000 registered citizens including Isaac Asimov, Yehudi Menuhin, the late Buckminster Fuller and Guru Nitya Chaitanya Yati. The government's passport has been recognized by over 80 national governments. Today's date marks the 36th anniversary of the former US B-17 bomber pilot's declaration of world citizenship in Paris.

Besides issuing passports, a World Birth Certificate, a World Identity Card, a World Citizen Registration Card and a World Political Asylum Card, the World Government has recently printed its own money, the World Dollar in ten dollar denominations. Its par value is set on the U.S. dollar for the present.

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