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May 28, 1984


SAN FRANCISCO-Along with candidates Walter Mondale and Gary Hart, another candidate for public office-but on a global level-World Citizen Garry Davis, running for world president of the World Government of World Citizens he founded in 1953, arrived in San Francisco May 26 after spending four days with Guru Nitya Chaitanya Yati, head of the Eat-West, at Forest Knolls in Marin County.

Davis had been admitted into the United States on May 5 at Seattle as a World Citizen on his return from Japan (See enclosed release).

At the Hotel Westin St. Francis, where he checked in Friday, Davis said he intends to pay his bill with World dollars, the World Government currency. The assistant manager, Mr. Milligan, is aware that Davis is the World Coordinator of the global government.

"World dollars are human rights dollars, peace dollars," said the former B-17 bomber pilot who renounced his U.S. nationality 36 years ago and declared himself a world citizen. "National money is a war currency besides being a means to exploit the poor by the rich. The United Nations, founded here in San Francisco, has no currency of its own nor the authority to issue it. We world citizens have therefor taken this major step toward a peaceful world by issuing our own currency. Therefore, as a world citizen not legally in the U.S., yet recognized by the U.S. government, including the president, I will use our money for payment of bills. Furthermore, it is fully negotiable on the basis of 1 world dollar to 1 U.S. dollar.

Mr. Davis called on Mayor Dianne Weinstein Saturday to inform her of his extra-national status.

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