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June 7, 1988

World citizen Garry Davis calls for 1990 world constitutional convention for general release

Launches Call In Weekly Short-wave Broadcast From International Peace Radio In Costa Rica

Washington, DC-In his weekly short-wave radio talk, "The Garry Davis World Report," broadcast from the International Peace Radio in Costa Rica, coming on top of the Reagan/Gorbachev summit meeting, World Citizen Garry Davis launcheda call for a world constitutional convention for 1990 to hammer out the principles and codes of world law. Davis claims that the world community "should, can and must have a working world constitution by the year 2000." Ratification by "peoples' conventions" in every nation would follow the convention's deliberation, he added.

"Both President Reagan and General Secretary Gorbachev are executors of law determined by their respective constitutions," the former World War II bomber pilot said. "So they are agreed in principle to the constitutional process itself."

"With the threat of a final war hanging over humanity, we, the people of the world, in order to eliminate that threat and finally achieve the goal of world peace, must now be governed by a constitutional process," Mr. Davis concluded.

The concept of a world constitutional convention is not new. First proposed by pacifist Rosiker Schwimmer in 1924, it has been sponsored by numerous organizations throughout the world ever since. Constitutional lawyers have already worked out numerous versions of world constitutions.

The World Government of World Citizens, founded in 1953 by Davis, after over 750,000 individuals had registered as World Citizens at the 1949 International Registry of World Citizens in Paris, will sponsor the proposed world constitutional convention through its administration agency, the World Service Authority.

The global government operates on the basis of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It has over 300,000 registered citizens.

Delegates to the proposed world constitutional convention, Davis said, must be citizens of the global government in order to give the gathering its legitimacy.

A World Committee of leading world citizens is in formation to develop and organize the call.

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