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June 10, 1993 Marcia Mason






BURLINGTON——Scheduled for July 23-25, 1993, the World City of Burlington, Vermont, joins over 50 world cities in an historic event sponsored by the World Syntegrity Project of the World Government of World Citizens.

World citizens in groups of thirty will share information in dynamic involvement in a commitment to turning their insights into active service in and for the world community. The aim is to surmount the enormous obstacles facing the large numbers of people who wish to collaborate on issues of importance to themselves and their communities——issues such as putting an end to hunger, preventing disease and violence, seeking world peace, stopping environmental pollution, and establishing world methods of communications so that we can live as one humanity.

These are but a few of the issues that will be discussed during The World SyntegrityTM Project - 1993 by exploring the question, "How can we, Sovereign World Citizens, govern our world?" This inspiring and historic global event will unite hundreds of people around the world through a unique problem-solving process called "Syntegration". In groups of 30, individuals will develop ideas and action plans to address their concerns about the state of our world today and in the future. There are already groups gathering to Syntegrate in India, Columbia, Canada, Brazil, China, Singapore, Mexico, Nigeria, Algeria, Germany, England, Wales, and Australia...the list is growing daily.

This global Syntegration is demonstrating world democracy-in-action through local participation. The World SyntegrityTM Project will build the framework that will allow local action to make a major difference on a global scale.

This initiative is being sponsored by the World Government of World Citizens founded by the pioneer world citizen Garry Davis. Under the direction of Team SyntegrityTM Inc., organizers all over the world will hold simultaneous Syntegrations from July 23 to July 25, 1993. The results of World SyntegrityTM Project, besides evolving the World Government of World Citizens, will also be provided to organizations and individuals involved in political and economic decision-making, including national governments and universities around the world.

For further information, contact World Government Institute, 6 LeDoux Place, South Burlington, VT 05403 or email us here.

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