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June 13, 1993 World Citizen Garry Davis claims world sovereignty necessary prerequisite for solving environmental problems

RIO DE JANEIRO, June 13-The World Coordinator of the World Government of World Citizens, Garry Davis, said today at the '92 Global Forum that "sovereignty is the key issue in consideration of the resolution of environmental problems facing the human race."

The former B-17 bomber pilot who renounced his United States' nationality in 1948 and declared himself a "citizen of the world," founded the world government in 1953 after having registered over 750,000 individuals as "world citizens" in the late 1940's.

The World Government with its central offices in Washington, D.C. has adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a U.N. document proclaimed in 1948, as its major mandate. It's administrative service agency, the World Service Authority, a D.C.-based corporation, issues documents to individuals worldwide based on specific articles in the Declaration. It's most renowned and sought-after document is the World Passport based on Article 13(2): "Everyone has the right to leave any country, including his [or her] own, and to return to his [or her] country."

The World Government has registered over one-million world citizens and issued over five-million documents from it's Washington and Tokyo offices.

"The Earth Summit implies that humanity is the ultimate sovereign on the planet," Davis said from the WSA stand at Flamingo Park. "But the power to legislate, execute, enforce and adjudicate world environmental laws can only derive from a government of the people of the world and not the anachronistic nation-state system."

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