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June 15, 1993



World Syntegrity Project To Be Launched From Over 30 World Cities


World Citizens To Mandate World Governorship


From July 23 to 25th, over 900 people throughout the world will address the question "How can we, sovereign world citizens, govern our world?" They will be in groups of 30 called an "Infoset" guided by a Key Facilitator according to a manual issued by Team Syntegrity, Inc., a Toronto-based firm founded and headed by the eminent cybernetician and systems analyst, Stafford Beer.

The World Syntegrity Project was designed for the World Government of World Citizens, founded by the pioneer World Citizen Garry Davis on September 4, 1953, as a systemic method of evolving world law from grassroots world citizens in order to address world issues such as war, environmental pollution, endemic poverty, disease and the like.

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