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June 20, 1993 World Syntegrity Project To Be Launched From Over 30 World Cities
World Citizens To Mandate World Governorship

BURLINGTON-The World City of Burlington, Vermont, joins over 30 world cities, July 23-25, 1993, in an historic event, the World Syntegrity Project, sponsored by the World Government of World Citizens, founded by the pioneer World Citizen, Garry Davis.

In groups of 30, individuals all over the world will hold simultaneous "Syntegrations" addressing the question: "How can we, sovereign world citizens, govern our world?

Through a unique problem-solving process based on Buckminster Fuller's geodesic dome principle of "tensile integrity" or "tensegrity," this historic global event will initially unite thousands of people around the world demonstrating world democracy-in-action.

Designed by the eminent cybernetician Stafford Beer, the World Syntegrity Project essentially is a systemic method of evolving world law from grassroots world citizens in order to address world issues such as war, environmental pollution, endemic poverty, hunger, disease and the like. The aim is to surmount the communication obstacles facing the large numbers of people who wish to collaborate on issues of importance to themselves and their communities by means of what Beer calls the "technosphere".

There are already groups gathering to "Syntegrate" in India, Columbia, Canada, Brazil, China, Singapore, Mexico, Nigeria, Algeria, Germany, England, Wales, and Australia. The results, in the form of "Consolidated Statements of Importance," collated by Team SyntegrityTM Inc., Toronto, Beer's parent organization, besides evolving the World Government of World Citizens, will also be provided to organizations and individuals involved in political and economic decision-making, including national governments and universities around the world.

The Burlington Syntegration will take place in Edmunds High School on Main Street. The Project Director is Wendy Walsh, 2348 New Street, Burlington, Ont., L7R 1J6, Canada. Tel/fax: 416 681-7427.

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