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STATEMENT OF GARRY DAVIS, FIRST WORLD CITIZEN ABOARD THE S.S. AROSA SUN AT SEA I am presently on route to Berlin, Germany to carry on the world citizenship work to which I have been dedicated since 1948. Though I am a paying passenger, my exact status aboard is in question due to the series of circumstances below.

On June 20th last at the German Consulate in New York City, I applied for a visa for Germany. This was refused on the grounds that I could produce no national passport.

I requested of the German consular officer that the matter be referred to authorities in Bonn. He refused even to consider it. Since my work anyway obliges me to be in Germany and since in my considered opinion these refusals reflect neither the attitude of government officials in Bonn or of the German people, least of all the German World Citizens, I left the United States for Montreal, and subsequently embarked on this vessel for Bremerhaven boarding as a visitor. Passage was booked and paid for previously.

The accompanying letter to Dr. Adenauer was delivered to him through the WORLD CITIZENS IN GERMANY after my departure. I have personally declared myself to the Captain of the AROSA SUN when at sea showing him this statement and the enclosed letter.

Though I, like all stateless people and indeed humanity itself, am a victim of the lawless condition in the world of nations-which has inevitably given rise both to the present nationalistic armament race and to the World Government which I have founded and presently, I am prepared to accept all responsibility for my actions and in so far as I am able to absolve from any such responsibility all those who for their own reasons have aided me while at the same time extending to them my hearty thanks.

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