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July 1980 Garry Davis Camps on "No-Man's" Land in Middle of "Peace Bridge" between USA-Canada. Canadians Refuse Visa on His World Passport.

PEACE BRIDGE, NIAGARA FALLS--At precisely 10 a.m., July 20, World Citizen Garry Davis, seated behind the wheel of the "World Citizen," his motor home he uses as a roving World Government office, moved onto the famous "Peace Bridge" between the United States and Canada at Niagara Falls. Arriving at the exact middle of the bridge, straddling the neutral line which actually separates the two counties, he parked to await events.

As an exhibitor at the "First Global Conference for the Future," Davis sought a Canadian Embassy visa on his WSA World Passport. The Canadian Embassy officials in Washington refused on the grounds that the document was not a "valid" passport.

"If I can't go to Canada as a legitimate exhibitor at a future's conference," Davis told reporters at Niagara Falls, "I'll go as far as I can. That's the neutral line between the two countries. That line is actually world territory, a true symbol of peace and one world. And that's where the future is. As a candidate for world Parliament, I will solicit the world votes of the futurists from that global line. They can vote for me at the WSA stand at the conference as well as apply for World Passports. If there's to be a future, we shall have to eliminate national frontiers once and for all since wars are fought over them Because of them, the arms race continues and escalates. The whole human race can go up in atomic smoke if we don't get the human trip together soon."

U.S. Immigration will have to decide whether Davis actually did leave the U.S. by parking in the precise middle of "Peace Bridge."

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