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21 July, 1989



Human Rights Document Issued from WSA Nakano Office

 TOKYO, July 21 -- Chinese students in Japan, caught in a political cross-fire between the Peoples' Republic of China and Japanese Immigration, are being issued the World Passport from the Nakano office of the World Service Authority, the administrative agency for the World Government of World Citizens. The human rights document, based on article 13(2) of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, has been recognized on a de facto basis by over 100 nations which includes ironically, the PRC. (See attached photocopies of visas).

In a letter of June 17, 1989 to Deng Xiaoping, Garry Davis, World Government founder, informed China's leader that the global government "is actively engaged in Tokyo (World District VIII) as in Washington, D.C., in registering individuals as sovereign world citizens and issuing our Government's official passport among other documents." (See attached letter).

The letter further affirmed that the government "continues to provide (since its founding in 1953) the appropriate legitimate guarantees of global security and freedom sanctioned and mandated by the provisions of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to which your Government is a signatory..."

Over 200 World Passports have been issued to Chinese students from the WSA Nakano office. The WSA has issued over 1 million global documents since 1956 based on specific articles of the UDHR.

In order to provide constitutional protection for registered world citizens, the World Government plans to hold a constitutional convention in 1990 in Christchurch, New Zealand.

In a letter dated July 16, 1989 to the seven heads of state attending the Paris Summit conference, Davis claimed that "In maintaining..that the 'rule of law' is the necessary concomitant of protection for human rights and fundamental freedoms of 'every citizen,' you implicitly acknowledge the legitimacy of world law and its institutional framework as the sine qua non of that protection." (See attached letter).

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