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August 22, 1986


Washington, D.C. August 22--Garry Davis, the World Citizen candidate for mayor, has preliminarily qualified for a place on the November 4th general election ballot after filing his nominating petitions today.

Davis collected signatures from more than three thousand, two-hundred Washington voters.

The former WW II bomber pilot and founder of the World Government of World Citizens now awaits the September 10th confirmation of his validity.

Davis' race for mayor emphasizes the sovereignty of the individual over the state, as guaranteed by the 9th and 10th amendments to the constitution. His candidacy reminds Washingtonians that they need to and can empower themselves.

"Most Washingtonians are very much aware they are not represented in Congress," Davis said today on his way to deposit the petitions with the election Board. "They resent it. But they feel impotent to change it. When I tell them they are already world citizens, most agree immediately.

"World peace and local peace are one issue," said Davis. "My candidacy addresses both levels at once since I am already operating a world government of over 250,000 registered citizens. Washingtonians can be instrumental in breaking out of the war game by claiming the only allegiance which can address that global problem: world citizenship."

Davis estimates he has talked to fifteen thousand people in the past month about his program of "globalizing" Washington and Washingtonians.

Since July 14 when the D.C. Board of Elections issued nominating petitions to independent candidates for mayor, the World Citizen candidate has been standing on street corners, in front of metro stations, in supermarket parking lots, and at movie lines asking fellow Washingtonians to sign his petition.

At the candidates debate August 13th at the Municipal Building, Davis received a standing ovation-Mayor Barry leading the applause-when he suggested that since Washingtonians were not represented in the U.S. Government they should not pay federal income tax. The money, he added, should be used to finance a world constitutional convention.

Davis leaves for Sorrento, Maine, Saturday, for a two-week vacation returning after the primary when he will begin his historic campaign in earnest.

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