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Today I am moving from the steps of the restaurant to the entrance of the Palais where the delegates arrive. When they arrive, I shall give them each a "World Citizens International Identity Card." A demand on the part of those whom they supposedly represent for them to sign these cards will demonstrate to them their responsibility to unite as true World Citizens in the coming months.

The U.N. will live or die in the next three months. If these delegates cannot initiate the processes whereby international law can be created, they will have proven to the world that they are incompetent to handle any world problem from the Berlin crisis to Main Street inflation.

I am living legally outside of the law. There is no international law to govern this international territory on which I am forced to live. Therefore, if they can give me a law under which I can live, they will have filled the vacuum which now exists between nations. Therefore, I have asked Mr. Trygve Lie, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, to introduce a resolution calling for an immediate review conference under article 109 which will open the way for the drafting of a world constitution. This is undoubtedly the last moment when this can be done. And it is the only way in which men can live in peace.

Further, I have asked each and every man and woman in the world to declare themselves. If they want world peace through a world government, here is a direct, practical way to do it. During the coming week, I have asked for an international referendum. This issue facing all men, the issue of world government or world war, can only be decided by all men.

So-called national leaders are losing faith in the organization to which they gave their pledges three short years ago. We men and women everywhere must reestablish that faith.

I ask you, I beg you to send a card to your governmental representative during this coming week asking him to support this resolution. And send a card to your delegate here in Paris. This is the moment for all men to speak out. We are coming apart at our evolutionary seams. It's now up to us everywhere to pull the world together. Let's go!



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