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August 17, 1993 World "Town" Meeting Results To Be Made Public

Burlington, Vermont-Results from the July 23-25 World Syntegrity Project launch in Colombia, England, Sweden, Wales, Canada, Australia and the United States are being correlated by the World Citizen Foundation, and will be announced in a D.C. Press Conference on October 1, 1993.

Invented by the eminent cybernetician Stafford Beer, and based on Buckminster Fuller's geodesic dome structure, the icosahedron, the Project debut gathered groups of individuals - "Infosets"-in 14 cities around the world to address the question, "How can we, sovereign world citizens, govern our world?"

"This project is going to have a major impact on world events," says World Government Coordinator Garry Davis. "As these results show, World Syntegrity is an effective means for individuals worldwide to express their political wills in an global forum." The World Government Davis founded in 1953 will use the findings of the project in evolving a Constitution.

Participants of the "Infosets" were free to address issues of their choosing. Each group focused on 12 topics they identified as related to the central question: government structures, revising economics, environmental preservation, the role of social systems, drug legalization, spirituality, and education. "Knowledge is one of the world's most important resources, but is formal education the start of the problem or part of the solution?" asked a group in Liverpool. Meanwhile, Stockholm participants discussed ethics, while a New Hartford, New York group examined military reform. After several intense rounds of discussion about each subject, a statement was issued reflecting consensus decisions regarding each issue.

"Syntegration is the new means of global interaction sorely needed in our technological age," says Davis. "As the nation-state system proves increasingly outdated and dysfunctional, the political will of ordinary citizens everywhere must become dominant and legitimized." He foresees ongoing worldwide Syntegrations throughout the year 2000.

Results from the Syntegration launch are currently being compiled by subject matter. They will be announced publicly October 1, at a 10 a.m. press conference at the National Press Building in Washington, D.C.

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