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September 20, 1984

World presidential candidate Garry Davis scores national politics as suicidal in new book world government, ready or not!

SORRENTO, MAINE-Is the choice really "World government Or World War?" as World War II US bomber pilot Garry Davis claims in Chapter 13 of this unique how-to-make-world-peace book to be published November 1, 1984?

Certainly the question is highly controversial and eminently timely.

Davis, in 1948, took Emery Reves (Anatomy of Peace, 1945) at his word, first that "...the ideal of the nation-state is bankrupt..." and second that "There is no first step to world government, World Government is the first step."

WORLD GOVERNMENT, READY OR NOT! in Chapter 1 plunges the reader boldly into that historic first step, "The Ellsworth Declaration", stateless world citizen Davis' unprecedented proclamation of world government on September 4, 1953, five years after he initiated the world citizenship movement in Paris.

Then follows a potpourri of fresh, dramatic insights from the spiritual to the mundane (economics) all posited on that "first step" of legitimate if global political creation.

The book itself is a vast and eclectic mass of useful and often provocative information dealing with both the theoretical aspects of world government and how actually Davis and his world citizen friends make it function. Letters from harassed individuals from all over the world, many of them refugees, attest to both the world government's need and its efficacy.

"How World Government works" (Chapter 6) recounts actual cases in fascinating detail where WG came to the rescue of persecuted victims of national injustice. The case of World Citizen Davis when he arrived at Dulles Airport on May 17, 1977 with only a World Government passport and was refused legal entry by US Immigration, is fully documented-including both his petitions to the U.S. Supreme Court.

International lawyer will be challenged (and maybe delighted) by Davis' claim of legitimate world citizenship in Chapter 12 citing such legal instruments as the Ninth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, the Nuremberg Decisions, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and "international law" itself.

Davis scores the national passport system, national religions, national voting and politicians, including leaders, and even national" peace" organizations (including the "Freeze Movement"). In a dozen ways, he brackets the age-old concept of individual sovereignty but adds to it a new, dynamic factor: Humanity, a functioning (if new-born) reality, in mortal danger of World War III, can survive only if each of us extends to it our sovereign allegiance. WORLD GOVERNMENT, READY OR NOT! explains why and how throughout the text.

For anyone who has ever worried about world war or thought about the how of world peace, this book, by a leading" expert" in this unprecedented field, is an absolute must.

WORLD GOVERNMENT, READY OR NOT! is over 400 pages with a 10-point over. It contains numerous photos, documents and application forms. It has a complete bibliography, an appendix and detailed index.

For those readers who enjoyed Davis' first book, MY COUNTRY IS THE WORLD, published in 1960 by Putnam, its (German-edition) Epilogue is included in the appendix thus bridging the time gap from 1960 to 1984.

The Juniper Ledge Publishing Co. is therefore offering a reprint (paperback) of MY COUNTRY IS THE WORLD which recounts the events of his fascinating life from 1944 to 1960.

An announced candidate for president of the already functioning World Government (over 250,000 registered citizens), as part of his campaign, Davis will be promoting both books via TV appearances, radio talk shows and lectures throughout the United States.

The retail price WORLD GOVERNMENT, READY OR NOT! is $14.95. ISBN 0-931545-00-5.

Distribution is by Door House, Southwest Harbor, Maine.

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