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Friday, October 1, 1993 Press Conference

When: Friday, October 1, 1993
Where: National Press Building, Zenger Room, Washington, D.C.
Time: 10 am.
Who: World Citizen Garry Davis, founder/World Coordinator, World Government of World Citizens (See attached bio) Robin Lloyd, Member of Burlington, VT Infoset, granddaughter of Lola Lloyd, co-founder of Women's International League of Peace and Freedom, publisher, Toward Freedom David Gallup, General Counsel, World Service Authority
Subject: The World Syntegrity Project (See attached articles from World Citizen News):

  • What it is: history and program
  • Results of its 14 city launch July 23-25
  • Plans for future Infosets
  • Davis will distribute a letter to Prime Minister Rabin & Chairman Yasir Arafat regarding utilizing the WSP in the Middle East for evolving a people's peaceful order.

Garry Davis. Statement - 1 October, 1993
This conference is dedicated to the memories of Dr. Albert Einstein and Dr. Andrei Sakharov, the two fathers of the nuclear age and both fervent advocates of world government as the vital political concomitant to the survival of the human race on planet Earth.

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