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October 5, 1988

World citizen Garry Davis condemns congressional action as imperialist-a symptom of systemic breakdown

Claims Washingtonians Must Go Global To Regain Civic Rights

Washington, DC-In October, 1983, World Citizen Garry Davis proposed to Mayor Marion Barry that Washington be declared a "world city" or "mundialized," and that Washingtonians emulate the founding fathers by adding a world civic status to their local citizenship. In his reply of October 21, 1983, the mayor wrote, "...it is not considered appropriate at this time for us to consider 'mundialization' and its responsibilities when our citizens are still so heavily laboring for full control over their lives." (Emphasis added.)

Davis said today that "In view of the recent congressional rejection not only of 'home rule' for Washingtonians, but of our very fundamental civic rights, while at the same time threatening to withhold tax monies already unconstitutionally obtained, it is clear that we can only regain 'full control over (our) lives' by recognizing and then legitimizing the global context in which we actually live.

"In other terms, Congress has again reminded us Washingtonians that on the national level we are mere subjects as were our forefathers under the British imperial rule. As they rebelled from this degrading colonial status in 1776, so must we in 1988.

"The Revolutionary War was fought on precisely the issue of "No Taxation Without Representation."

"That is the underlying, impelling, even prophetic message, in my judgment, of the latest congressional action vis-a-vis the District citizens. Having been deliberately rejected by an archaic national system in total disarray, even breakdown, a system in which nuclear war is the final insane option, we are now called upon to fulfill the fragile promise of world peace begun by our founding fathers 200 years ago by exercising our inalienable right to choose a new political allegiance, one able to cope with our real problems: anarchy and environmental pollution"

Since 1948, hundreds of thousands, if not millions of individuals throughout the world, rejecting the nationalistic war system, have declared themselves world citizens. The 1972 Minnesota "Declaration of World Citizenship" recognized "the sovereign right of our citizens to declare that their citizenship responsibilities extend beyond our state and nation..."

"What our fellow citizens are saying to us," the former World War II bomber pilot claimed, "is that in a lawless world 'home rule' without 'world rule' means collective suicide."

Washingtonians should first register their innate world citizenship with the World Government, through the World Service Authority here in Washington, says Davis, "which alone can secure our 'Safety and Happiness' in a nuclear-triggered world." This sovereign act, he claims, is the highest form of patriotism: "In order to protect the part, we must protect the whole."

As for paying federal tax, Davis contends that as legitimate world citizens allied with their fellow world citizens throughout the human community in a global social contract, rather than pay their U.S. federal tax illegally into the U.S. Treasury, Washingtonians should deposit it legitimately in the World Government Treasury account (National Bank of Washington). These deposits would then be receipted as a "World Tax" by the World Treasury Department and used exclusively to evolve World Government and its institutions-including a world citizens' bank-as well as the financing of a world constitutional convention to be convened on September 4, 1990.

"As a world citizen presidential candidate," Davis added, "I have called for this world convention to raise constitutional law to the global level. By the year 2000 our world community must be governed by a constitutional framework. Otherwise human survival itself is in grave doubt.

"Only by thus evolving a legitimate and democratic world order can we hope to protect our lives, our city and our world from the scourge of a final war.

"In the name of world peace, Washingtonians as well as all true Americans now have a historic date with destiny...world destiny."

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