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November 9, 1984


ELLSWORTH, MAINE-Standing in front of the City Hall of Ellsworth, Maine from where, over 31 years ago, he declared a world government, World Citizen Garry Davis presented his new book, World Government, Ready Or Not! to the public.

The over 400-page fully-indexed book is an authoritative text on a subject vital to human survival in a nuclear age, one which has been totally ignored in the recent political campaign for U.S. president: a world under democratic, just and enforced law.

The former U.S. bomber pilot's claim that humanity is legal and that world government based on individual sovereignty is legitimate are the major premises of this timely, provocative, book which Edith Wynner in her Foreword claims "Is unlike any book we a likely to read this side of the year 2000."

"President Reagan claims to be the leader of the free world," Davis said today. "But with nuclear war hanging over all humanity, neither is there a free world nor a free human being. That's why the recent U.S. presidential election was not only a travesty but irrelevant to immediate human problems in a nuclear-triggered world. Until war itself is legally eliminated between nation-states, not only will we not be free, but we will not survive as a species or as individual humans. The national arms race is not only insane and suicidal but illegal. Both the Nuremberg Decisions and those of the International Military Tribunal for the Far East confirm this dynamic fact.

"The seminal questions, therefore, are legal ones. Is humanity legitimate or not? Is the individual human sovereign or not?

"Neither the President of the United States nor the Soviet Premier can represent humanity, either spiritually, politically or economically. But mainly they cannot represent humanity legally. Only a democratically-chosen world government can.

"With the publication of World Government, Ready Or Not! our over 30-year-old world government can now be understood and then practiced especially by the American public where nuclear war is an underlying and agonizing issue."

Dr. Luis Kutner, chairman of the Commission on International Due Process of Law, writes that "Garry Davis has taken a quantum leap beyond Rousseau's Social Contract and he is now placed for all time as the most vocal and structured advocate of the compact theory of world society."

With application forms in the Appendix for world citizenship, world passports, world identity cards, world birth certificates, even world marriage certificates, all based on specific articles in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a United Nation's document, World Government, Ready or Not! is the first how-to do-it book on world legal peacemaking designed for the individual. After you register, you can even vote for Davis as World President!

Davis, author of My County Is The World published in 1960 by G.P. Putnam, declared his candidacy for world president of the already functioning world government last September. His new book illuminates the concept and practice of world government from many angles, not the least from that of its only declared presidential candidate.

Published by the Juniper Ledge Publishing Company, POB 381, Sorrento, Maine, World Government, Ready Or Not! retails for $14.95. ISBN 0-931545-00-5. LC #84-90504.

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