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9 November, 1989




Travels With World Passport Issued By The World Government


TOKYO --World Citizen Garry Davis arrived in Japan on 7 February, 1989 with a World Passport based on the right of freedom of travel according to the UN's human rights Declaration. He leaves for Honolulu Saturday, 11 Nov., on China Airways Flight 018, departure time: 1920.

His first act in Tokyo, after setting up headquarters in the Dai Ichi Hotel for registration of world citizens and issuance of world passports, was to write Emperor Akihito to thank him for his proclamation of "Hesei." (Appended)

Since then the former World War II bomber pilot and B'way actor who renounced his US nationality in 1948 and claimed world citizenship, has registered over 1,000 world citizens, issued over 4,000 human rights documents, presented honorary World Passports to Prime Minister Kaifu, Mayors Takeshi Araki of Hiroshima, Hitoshi Motoshima of Nagasaki, and Kamiyama Koichi of Nakano, Governor Shunichi Suzuki of Tokyo and Dr. Andrei Sakharov at the recent Nobel Laureate Forum. On 5 August at Hiroshima, Davis addressed the World Congress Against A & H Bombs on the necessity of world law to eliminate the anarchy which permitted the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. He then presented an update on "mundialization" for the World Conference of Mayors.

"I have tried during these past 9 months" Davis said from his WSA Nakano office "to plant the seeds of world citizenship in this vital part of the world where globalism has become a buzzword but there is little political know-how on how to be global."

In a letter dated 6 November to members of the Lower House of the Diet (appended), Davis informed the legislators of the forthcoming World Government Constitutional Convention scheduled for the Town Hall of Christchurch, New Zealand beginning 18 September, 1990.

"The purpose of this convention," the letter stated in part, "is to draft a world constitution for ratification by citizens of the entire world community in order to legitimize the individual as well as humanity on the global level."

Davis will hold a preparatory conference on 25/26 of this month in Toronto with Stafford Beer, Coordinator of the World Cybernetic Commission and president of the World Association of General Systems & Cybernetics, charged with designing the program for the historic convention.

He plans to return to Tokyo, the world office for the convention's planning, on 11 January.


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