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G E N E R A L   P R E S S   R E L E A S E 

11 November 1956 SUBJECT: W O R L D P O L I C E F O R C E

In a letter to Mr. Dag Hammarskjold, United Nations' Secretary-General, of 9 November, Garry Davis, World Coordinator for World Government, exposes the phrase "international police force" as a camouflage of international power politics designed to hide the face that no world law as yet governs the human race.

Mr. Davis' letter states in part "...the establishment of a so-called international police force by the United Nations composed of national army contingents without the sanction of law duly legislated by direct representatives of the world's people is merely a further power political expedient revealing nakedly the increasing impotence and desperation of those in present positions of power in the face of the challenge of Man's total survival."

Last March, Mr. Davis offered by letter to the UN Sect.-General an unarmed force of 1000 World War II veterans drawn from the ranks of the World Citizen Movement to act as an adjunct to the UN truce team in the Middle East. This offer was refused.

The World Government will shortly authorize the formation of a special global police force to be known as World Guards to enforce the common world law upon which World Government is founded. Though it will be physically unarmed, the World Guard will police areas of world tension as well as provide inspection teams for the World Government disarmament program to be announced in due course.


Pakistan becomes the seventh national government to recognize officially the status of citizen of the world for Garry Davis through its giving him a transit visa on his World Passport. Grossing the Indo-Pakistan border 24 October, Mr. Davis has remained in Pakistan until this time in spite of a 7 day condition attached to his visa. Governor Gurmani endorsed Mr. Davis' world citizen status during a private luncheon the day after his last legal day in Pakistan.

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