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1200 h, 12 November, 1989 TATIANA GEORGIEFF (03) 319-5170





TOKYO-- While East Germans stream freely across the frontier between East and West Germany for the first time in 40 years, the World Coordinator of World Government Garry Davis, traveling with the World Passport issued by the global government, ran into his own 'Berlin Wall' last evening at Haneda Airport.

Scheduled to fly to Honolulu on China Airways Flight 018 at 1920 h, Davis presented his World Passport to Immigration control which promptly refused him permission to leave the country claiming he had "overstayed" his 90 day visa and had to report to the Otemachi office Monday.

Davis issued a press release on 10 Nov. (appended) stating his intention to leave yesterday after informing all members of the Lower House of the Diet as well as Emperor Akihito to whom he has addressed four letters during his sojourn here.

"Not only the right of freedom of travel but the right of political choice is the real issue here," Davis told reporters. "Japan has its own 'Berlin Wall' and I have just run smack into it. While the Emperor and the Prime Minister recognize the oneness of the environmental world, obsolete immigration laws still prevail. Immigration law has me down as an 'alien.' But human rights law permits me to be a World Citizen. Another irony of this present situation is that Emperor Akihito has known since 8 March when I first wrote to him of my presence here as the World Coordinator of the World Government of World Citizens. If there was any doubt as to my status, Immigration should have queried me at that time. It is too late nine months later to accuse me of overstaying a visa. Besides, an acknowledgement from the Imperial Household to my letter of 16 August, 1989 concerning the forthcoming world government constitutional convention to begin 18 September 1990 at Christchurch, New Zealand further confirmed my world citizen status. Also there have been numerous articles in the Japanese press concerning our world citizenship activities. I informed Immigration officials that art. 13(2) of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights clearly states that 'Everyone has the right to leave any country, including his own...'. Our World Passport is based on that very article. In preventing my departure, they have not only violated this right but have inadvertently embarrassed the Imperial household which has accepted my being here. Also, the Prime Minister as well as Governor Suzuki have both been presented honorary World Passports!"

On monday evening, Davis will again attempt to embark for Honolulu on China Airways Flight 018 leaving Haneda Airport at 1920 h.

He wrote to Emperor Akihito today informing His Majesty of the situation. (Appended).


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