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1900 h, 17 November, 1989



Palace Police Examine World Passport, Inform Imperial Household

Then Release Davis Who Is Illegal According To Immigration

 TOKYO-- The World Flag has now been unfurled before the forbidding gates of the Imperial Palace as World Citizen Garry Davis, twice refused permission to leave Japan by Immigration due to his World Passport, petitioned His Majesty Emperor Akihito to allow him to depart for the United States. A sign which read, "World Citizen Claiming Freedom of Travel Right" in Japanese and English accompanied the flag. Police first asked Davis to show his passport. Out came the World Passport which they examined minutely. Davis then informed the police that he had no visa for Japan, but that as a World Citizen, he didn't need one, that he only wanted to leave for the United States.

After warning him not to demonstrate in front of the palace as it was against the law, they returned his passport without considering his "illegal" status, permitting him to depart. Davis returned to the exterior palace gates. There was no further action from the police until Davis tried to move to the main entrance to the palace where a veritable squadron of police descended upon him and his deputy coordinator, Tatiana Georgieff. Again he was warned not to display his sign and flag within the palace confines. After Davis explained once again his position, the chief of internal security, Inspector Matsuura finally contacted the Imperial Household with whom the World Coordinator has been in written contact.

He then assured the World Citizen that Mr. Sugiyama of the Imperial Household staff who received Davis' press release of November 12 and two letters to the Emperor dated the 8th and 12th, would telephone him to his WSA office in Nakano.

Davis insisted that as he had to leave Monday for the US in order to attend his daughter's graduation from the University of Toronto on November 23, then chair preparatory meetings for the upcoming World Government Constitutional Convention to be held in Christchurch, New Zealand beginning September 18, 1990, should he not receive confirmation of his right to depart by Saturday, he would be obliged to return to the Palace on Sunday to continue his petition.

In a letter dated November 14 to Emperor Akihito (appended), he included an honorary World Passport.


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