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Press-Conference city-Club

Dec. 8, 1948

Garry Davis' Declaration (Translated from French)

Other Speakers:
R. Sarrazac
Abbé Pierre
Jean Hélion


We are occupied in weaving around the world a web capable of supporting all the hopes and needs of people, relative to a true and lasting peace. In this web the most diverse opinions and methods may be inserted. We cannot foretell the future. Our present task is to create a powerful movement animated by our common fear of the threatening war and our common wish to render this war impossible.

I ask the entire press to spread the call that I make here: To the representatives of all organizations of workers and to the workers themselves; to all representatives of human activity; to intellectuals, technicians, doctors, educators, journalists, artists, writers, to all those who have influence on the public; and to the public itself.

All I ask to associate with us in our struggle against the threatening war and to come tomorrow, Thursday, at 20,45 to the Velodrome d'Hiver.

We do not have money. Robert Sarrazac, Romain-Later and myself have engaged in the preparations of these meetings, with expenses amounting to one million and a half francs. It is guaranteed only by our personal credit. Following the suggestion which has come from all sides, we open today a list of voluntary contributions. All those who wish to aid us in our struggle against war, may address their contributions to Jean-Jacques Agapit, 103 rue Eetlanger, Paris 16, responsible before commission, which will be officially appointed.

Before this declaration was given, Jean Halion spoke: The individual move made a few months ago by Garry Davis has become, spontaneously and without effort on his part, a powerful symbol of all the aspirations of the people for peace.

It is, without doubt, the first time since the war, that a man of the people speaking in the name of the people and for the mass of the people, has been found so highly qualified to carry to an official institution, an institution representing the nations, an institution which has not been elected by the people - petition posing, specifically a certain number of questions absolutely vital for the people. The object of the meeting scheduled for tomorrow, Thursday 9th December at the Vel d'Hiv', is principally to communicate to the people the official answer of that institution, the Assembly of the U.N. and to comment with them on it.

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