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For 9:00 P.M. Tehran, 12 Dec. 56


The Egyptian Charge d'affaires refused yesterday an entry visa to Garry Davis, according to General Darakhahan, deputy Chief of Iranian Police. The reason given was that the Egyptian Government didn't want to honor Mr. Davis' World Passport, despite the visas of India, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran already on it.

The Iranian Government interceded on the World Citizen's behalf with the Turkish Government for a transit visa, but this Government also refused to honor the World Passport.

Not able to enter Egypt to join the UNEF, Mr. Davis intends now to visit Austria to put his organization there at the service of the Hungarian refugees.

General Darakhanan this morning threatened Mr. Davis with deportation back to Afghanistan if he did not leave Iran immediately. The Coordinator for World Government, who had been forcibly "imported" into Iran 10 December from the Egyptian territory in Tehran by the very police threatening him with expulsion, protested in the name of international law and human rights. Pointing out the endorsement of human rights by His Imperial Majesty, the Shah of Iran, just published, he told General Darakhahan he would be obliged to petition the Sovereign Himself to intervene on his behalf.

Directly after his morning interview with the General, Mr. Davis lodged a formal protest with the United Nations' resident representative, Mr. Saunders, against the threat of deportation by the Iranian Deputy Chief of Police and appealed for support of his human rights by the UN. Mr. Saunders was not available for comment.

Mr. Davis' petition to the Shah will be presented in person at the Palace tomorrow

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