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For 12:00 Noon. Tehran, 11 Dec. 56


Garry Davis, Coordinator for World Government, will inaugurate the first provisional World Government bureau in Iran (and the Middle East) at the Gilan Hotel during the remainder of his stay in the country. Inquiries and registration for world citizenship will be taken between the hours, 5 and 8 P.M. every day except Friday. Registration fee is 1 World Dollar, i.e. 75 rials. Applicants for the official World Government passport must be registered World Citizens.

Mr. Davis has been given special privileges by the Iranian Govt. which can be likened to those of diplomats of other nations. He is recognized de facto as of 10 Dec. when the Government brought him into Iran from Egyptian territory, yet remains outside national law which prescribes for "foreigners" either legal extension of their stay, or else deportation or imprisonment. The Iranian Government, however, has gone beyond this standard diplomatic recognition which includes extra-territorial rights with regard to an Embassy or Legation by lodging Mr. Davis at government expense at the Gilan Hotel which action might be considered a further endorsement of his world citizen status.


    "Based on fundamental human rights, world citizenship finds a natural home in Persia, so rich in the universal philosophy of wisdom and brotherhood. The Iranian Government's endorsement of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights eight years ago in the UN General Assembly just recently reaffirmed on Human Rights Day by HIM The Shah and Senate President Taquizadeh inevitably leads to full recognition of and support for world citizenship as the only means by which these inalienable rights may be universally secured and implemented.

    "World Government thus becomes the logical global mechanism of this security and implementation. It deserves the unqualified support of all serious, intelligent people interested in world peace with freedom and justice. To recognize our innate world citizenship is the way to give such support. We are at your service, citizens of Iran."

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