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My Thoughts

My hobby, no, my real and true love is... you've guessed it, the world! Let me try to explain though it is like trying to explain why one's mistress is 'unlike any other girl in the world.' It is as if I have given the best in me to... well, the world itself, or to the idea of the world. For me, it is a living concept. Not the physical world but the mystical, conceptual, and wholeness of the world. These impel and attract me irresistibly. Anything less is limited, incomplete and therefore, inadequate. I feel a personal possessiveness about the world. In claiming it, it has claimed me and we are bound indissolubly. More and more I feel it as satellites go up, as I read daily of around-the-world jets, of MIR and talk of future space stations, and especially of these tedious statesmen sitting down to 'discuss disarmament' as if there was anything to discuss. 

And of cyberspace. 

What then of world politics? That is the strategy of making the world "mine." My device is World Citizenship. It is a "contract" with my world....with humanity itself. Philosophically, by understanding anything, we "possess" it. But it also "possesses" us. I have busied myself for many years with adjusting to many aspects of our present world. I speak of the world therefore with the authority of my experience. 

It is part of me now. 

And you.