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Information on the War Career of Garry Davis

War career: 1941-45,

Was a B-17 Bomber Pilot, in the 8th Air Force. Flew 6 missions.

Aug24, 1944, Was shot down over Peenemunde, near Werner von Braun's heavy water plant in Interned, Sweden. Escaped. Became pilot instructor,Luke, Stewart Flds.

Studied causes of war and world law: Einstein, Gandhi, Willkie, Emery Reves.

1947: Worked for United World Federalists.

1948: Renounced U.S. nationality in Paris, becoming "stateless." Was Issued statement declaring self "world citizen." French government forced me to leave France.

May 12th Claimed "global political asylum" on UN "territory" of Palais de Chaillot, Paris. My claim was refused by French Gov't.. Called for Charter review conference via Art. 109. Recieved letters of support worldwide at UN "territory." Was "Deported" to France. Refused national ID card. Created first World Citizen Identity Card.

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