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World Citizenship Movement & The World Government

World Citizenship Movement: Nov 22, 1948,

With friends, we interrupted UN General Assembly. Called for world government via world constitutional convention. Council of intellectuals formed in support: Albert Camus, Claude Bourdet, Emmanuel Mounier, Andre Breton, Richard Wright, Carlo Levi. Held meetings in Paris: Salle Pleyel, (A. Einstein honorary chair), Velodrome d'Hiver (17,000 attendance). Called for individuals to declare world citizenship.

January 1, 1949, Opened International Registry of World Citizens.
In 2 years over 750,000 people registered from over 150 countries. Held meetings throughout Europe. In June, "mondialized" Cahors. Was Jailed Sept. for supporting French conscientious objector who claimed world citizenship. Camped on Rhine River Dec. at Pont Kehl, Strasbourg. Built cabin on frontier line.

1950, Returned to US as "immigrant." Met wisdom Guru Nataraja of Travancore on board S.S. America. Married Audrey Peters. Reentered show business. First child born, Kristina .

World Government: September 4, 1953,
After being imprisoned for 9 weeks at Brixton and then deported from UK (for petitioning queen for right to work), declared World Government from City Hall, Ellsworth, Maine.

January 1954, Founded World Service Authority, administrative agency of new government in New York. Claimed as sanction Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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