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History Of Garry Davis & The World Passport

World Passport: Issued June, 1954.
Traveled to India with WP issued by the World Service Authority, at invitation of Guru Nataraja who gave unqualified endorsement of WG.
November, 1956,
After issuing honorary WP to Prime Minister Pandit Nehru, left India overland to US. Arrived Kennedy
Jan 9, 1957

after passing through Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran and Holland. Seven visas on World Passport.

1960 wrote first book: My Country is the World(Putnam).

1961, Left USA for Europe. Married Esther Peter.
Founded family and business in eastern France (water conditioning).

1971, Reactivated World Service Authority in France. Updated World Passport to five languages.

1972, Indicted by French government. for "swindling, selling swindled goods & confusing the public mind." After 2 years, first 2 charges dropped.

1974, Convicted on 3rd, received 6 months suspended sentence, World Citizenship registration and WP issuance continued.

June, 1974, Founded World Court of Human Rights in Mulhouse after 2nd trial. Opened WSA Basel office. 7,000 passports issued in 2 years.

1975, Introduced new edition of WP in seven languages; opened WSA Washington D.C. office. Divorced.

1978, Basel authorities closed WSA office, indicted for "usurping an official function."

1982, Charges dropped. Jailed 3 times in Switzerland for crossing border "illegally."

1977, WSA/US becomes World Office.

May 17th, Returned to US on World Passport, refused entry by INS; classified "excludable alien."

1982, Case went to Supreme Court on basis of 9th amendment, Writ of Certiorari. Petition for rehearing denied by Supreme Court. Though "stateless", still lived in U.S. since

1977. March 15, 1985 Petitioned International Court of Justice citing Reagan/Gorbachev as "war criminals" under Nuremberg Principles. Claimed "world habeas corpus." Petition rejected on technical grounds.

Sept. 1985, Wrote and published 2nd book, World Government, Ready or Not! (Juniper Ledge Publishing Co.)